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Developing Adaptive Expertise

“Adaptive expertise is a way of working in complex environments that focuses on learning and change for the purpose of improving valued outcomes. Adaptive expertise draws on deep conceptual knowledge and a well-honed skill set. It is a holistic approach  driven by inquiry, underpinned by curiosity, responsiveness and a willingness to learn and change for change. Adaptive expertise is highly metacognitive and involves self  and co-regulated learning through continuous cycles of action and deliberate reflection.  Adaptive expertise involves seeking transformative and sustainable improvement at all levels of the system”.

Deidre  Le Fevere,  Kaye Twyford, Fiona Ell & Sarah Mayo (2016) Making a Difference Through Effective Facilitation of Professional Learning. Insights from Research and Practice ( p6.)

We can help you to:

  • explore to focus on your inquiry and the required valued outcomes across all levels of the system
  •  design your  continuous cycles of  action
  • be deliberate about your reflections and identify what is working , what is not and what needs to change.
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