Building science in your curriculum for success

Building science in your curriculum? We’re here to support you and your students to learn about science as a knowledge system.

Creating practices and opportunities that confront our world need to be approached from a scientific perspective, taking into account social and ethical considerations is what the core of this service.

We will work with you:

  • develop teaching practices that look at current scientific theories
  • teach student about particular processes and ways of developing and organising knowledge and that these continue to evolve
  • use student’s current scientific knowledge and skills for problem solving and developing further knowledge
  • encourage skills of making informed decisions about the communication, application, and implications of science as these relate to their own lives and cultures and to the sustainability of the environment.
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Why work with us?


We have experts with both the knowledge and experience so we can provide you with the most effective practices.

The Right Fit

We have a range of facilitators with different background and skills so we can match you with a facilitator who will be a great fit for your school.

Curriculum Knowledge

Our team have specialised knowledge in literacy and we have been working with teachers to improve their capabilities in the teaching for many years.


We’ll work with you to identify your needs and to find the best solution that will meet your requirements.

Who can help?

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William Madgwick (Auckland)

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  • Teaching as Inquiry
  • Leadership
  • Digital technologies

Mike Stone (Auckland)
Primary, Secondary

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  • Science
  • Teaching as Inquiry